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Lt me take care of web-internet-social media solutionsIt has been said that, “LinkedIn is for the people you know. Facebook is for the people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know.” Then where does that leave places like Instagram and Snapchat…?

It seems that in 2016 the main focus for all businesses, small, local, family owned, home based businesses and entrepreneurs are going to be forced to get completely on board with social media!  Well everyone is totally engaged and using the right platforms, right?  Yes and no!  The problem is trying to keep the personal and business pages and profiles separate.  In the beginning the profile section was the heart of the existence on one of many platforms.  Then small businesses started adding pages and their business.  The two became one in the same.  You cannot go back without deleting all…you do not want to erase establishment, whether it is right or wrong.  Long story short, all of the top platforms have given the user an opportunity to convert and keep personal from business.  The problem is not many know how to convert, setup, management and maintain.

There is an answer to all this madness!!

Proper setup and management is crucial.  Most companies have a social media department but are not sure if it is working for them.  It is difficult to show ROI.  It works, only on a different scale.  Don’t dismiss “vanity metrics” yet!!  For all the bashing of “vanity metrics” in social marketing, those likes and shares (“engagement”) remain the most commonly used measure for evaluating social media success. 80% of marketers use these as primary success metric; 56% base social success on website traffic.

Sales!  Everyone is selling something!  That something requires marketing.  The social media business side is the wave of all marketing and making sells now and will be in the future. Don’t get so far behind that you cannot catch up!

You be the expert in your industry field and let me do the rest!!  Contact me for more information.

Specializing in retail selling business platforms like Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, Ebay, Shopify, WordPress, and Shopping Carts.