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What is Happening in 2017 with Technology?

Social media has revolutionized the way the world does business. It’s changed the customer service experience, increased brand awareness, and added a layer of “personality” to businesses in even the most inaccessible of industries. Through the Internet and social media resources, it’s now possible to cultivate personal relationships with your customers – regardless of your company’s size or location.

Social media is as good for your business as it is for your customers. Your social media efforts can help you test market new products, provide revealing data about your consumer demographics, and build customer loyalty.

Here at All This and That Internet and Web Solutions, we understand the power of the social web. We also understand how time-consuming it can be to build a social media presence. With our knowledge behind your business, we’ll cultivate a social media portfolio that will pay dividends in the form of loyal, connected customers.

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