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Facebook Investors Face a Cruel Summer

Facebook will announce quarterly earnings today, with investors scrutinizing how well the company is growing mobile revenue, what rates it’s charging for ads, and how quickly the company is piling up users and earnings.

The company’s near-term performance will color how Wall Street judges a financial pinch that is taking several quarters to unfold: Facebook’s new revenue lines are a long ways off while its costs are spiking right now. A string of new products in the first four months of this year — Graph Search , a new News Feed, and a mobile app suite called Facebook Home — are either trickling out to users slowly, lack advertising, or both as Facebook takes its time getting details of the products right. Facebook has said its costs, meanwhile, will rise 50 percent in 2013 as it hires aggressively.


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Bing Image Search adds “Pin to Pinterest”


Are you a Pinterest user? Pinterest, “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love”, launched in March, 2010, and has grown to be the 3rd largest social networking site in the US (behind only Facebook and Twitter) according to Experian Hitwise as noted in Wikipedia. Now, according to a blog post on the Bing Search blog, it’s even easier than ever to pin stuff to Pinterest, using Bing: read more


Google’s Secrets Of Innovation: Empowering Its Employees!!!!


Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of Google’s People Operations. (image credit:

March was a good month forGoogle. Its market capitalization breached a record high $260 billion. Since its IPO in 2004, its shares have soared over 900%. The company’s success stems from its continuous innovation and it extraordinary management practices. Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of Google’s People Operations, talked to me on Thursday on the sidelines of The Economist’s Innovation Forum at UC Berkeley about Google’s innovation secrets.

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I couldn’t have said it any better!


Social Media Marketing Platforms – The good, the bad and the ugly…


I originally started using Facebook because I ran out of space on my free Flickr account and because it was easier to share pictures with my mom through an online album than sending emails.  It is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, however I can’t say that I’m a fan of the Company pages and I don’t view it as a great marketing tool overall.  I think the company pages are clunky and from what I can tell they aren’t a great place to engage with people.

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Captive Reach Mobile Technology by Parallel 6, Inc. Produces More Heads in Beds for Hospitality

WOW I wish the Days Inn in Downtown Charleston had this technology while I was one of their guest!!! What….

Captive Reach mobile technology works through beautifully branded or integrated mobile apps to connect hospitality businesses and their consumers when and where it matters most. More than just a repeat of website information, Captive Reach branded apps engages the customer based upon trends like geographic location, to push out customized messages that help influence guest behavior toward your hospitality location of choice, ultimately increasing revenue for the location.

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How Facebook Is Replacing Ad Agencies With Robots

Facebook served $4.3 billion worth of ads last year, a staggering sum. It’s forecast to sell about $5.5 billion in ads in 2013, too.

We’re all used to seeing ads all over Facebook, inside our news feed and down the right-hand side of the page. Facebook is working furiously to find more ways to make ads work better inside its ecosystem.

Many of those ads, however, are untouched by ad agency art directors or “creative” staffers of any kind. 

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Google + Hangout + WP = All This and That Internet and Technology Solutions

SIGN UP and JOIN now…Take control with Global Hangout Technology Coaching and Training

You’re a content marketer, and you care about connection and collaboration. But you live in a remote village in Alaska, and you can’t just hop down to the local Chamber of Commerce when you need to pick up a little extra business.


 Use a Hangout to connect with your community

Create video interviews as content (or research) for your blog, book, online products and membership sites

Provide valuable online coaching sessions…and much more

Google’s Tools and Resources can…

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You never know when your site may be hacked or important data compromised..

Google’s New Portal Provides Help for Hacked Sites

This week, financial giant JPMorgan Chase’s website became the latest victim in what appears to be an escalating series of cyberattacks from a variety of sources over the past several months. For an entrepreneur, a website hack can be disastrous, disrupting revenue and causing customers to lose confidence. Perhaps mindful of the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks,Google has launched a one-stop shop for advice on how to recover after your website has been compromised.

On the new “help for hacked sites” portal, which opened Tuesday, you’ll find a series of videos that walk you through how to assess the damage, contact your website host, quarantine your site and more.

What Advertisers Need to Know

What Advertisers Need to Know






Interesting news…

Google Enhanced Campaigns: What Advertisers Need To Know. In February, Google AdWords launched Enhanced Campaigns, the most sweeping change to its system in recent memory. According to Google, Enhanced Campaigns will use various signals to serve ads: device, time of day, location, and conversion type — thereby making the search ad experience more relevant to each user by showing the right content…
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