What will mobile mean in 2015? Eight trends to watch

mobile 2015

The mobile market has changed dramatically in a relatively short space of time. Apple launched the iPhone and changed the mobile world forever. We’ve emerged from 3G to 4G, and tablets have grabbed a huge share of the computer market. Some of these trends could have been predicted – other phenomena surprised us. We’ve learned that it isn’t easy to forecast far into the future.
However, we can see some clear concepts that we believe will be realised in 2015. The one that outshines them all is probably this: first-in-mind screens and contact surfaces will be on mobile devices. Consequently, greater investment will be made in them for everything from advertising to business development and technologies.  EIGHT TRENDS


Surprisingly or not, social media can provide legitimate business…

Social Media Puzzel Piecesd

potential for brands who strategically embed the technology into their operational processes.When Social Strategies Can Optimize Business Processes

Tech companies have yet to slow down when it comes to innovation. Apple purchased social analytics company Topsy for $200 million, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a messaging app, for more than $19 billion, and Amazon is set to release a smartphone with 3-D e-commerce capabilities. As it looks right now, innovation has yet to curb.

And no other market has experienced the surge of innovative developments more than social media. What once started out as a slightly vain platform for sharing pictures of dinner and vacations has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry that has enthralled consumers and even made its way into Fortune 500 organizations. Surprisingly or not, social media provides legitimate business potential for brands who strategically embed the technology into their operational processes.  MORE




Twitter Is Testing A Tool That Will Let You Mute People You Follow

Twitter changes in social media!

Twitter is testing out a feature in its mobile apps that will allow people to mute users that clutter their timeline.The feature is one of the most requested on the site, according to The Verge, which first reported the feature, and will be available for a limited set of users on both the iOS and Android devices.  READ MORE


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What is up with Facebook now?

Facebook Is Growing Through Risky Business..

It’s easy to get caught up in Facebook’s new earnings numbers; revenue and adjusted profits spiked impressively in the first quarter, and mobile business boomed. But if you listen closely to what Facebook executives say as they release those stats, it’s clear the social network has set down a risky path that banks on following users ever more closely and selling to advertisers ever more aggressively.

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Heres Looking at Google! Google Is Alive, It Has Eyes, and This Is What It Sees

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase






His first experiment with it, for example, was a picture he took of a tennis racket. Google sent back a series of pictures that, while similar in tone and shape, had nothing to do with tennis. There was a polar bear, a nuclear missile launch and stock photo of a box of pills, among other things. Instead of being disappointed, Bland was fascinated. He liked that Google was confused.



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Are you keeping up with Facebook?

Facebook Investors Face a Cruel Summer

Facebook will announce quarterly earnings today, with investors scrutinizing how well the company is growing mobile revenue, what rates it’s charging for ads, and how quickly the company is piling up users and earnings.

The company’s near-term performance will color how Wall Street judges a financial pinch that is taking several quarters to unfold: Facebook’s new revenue lines are a long ways off while its costs are spiking right now. A string of new products in the first four months of this year — Graph Search , a new News Feed, and a mobile app suite called Facebook Home — are either trickling out to users slowly, lack advertising, or both as Facebook takes its time getting details of the products right. Facebook has said its costs, meanwhile, will rise 50 percent in 2013 as it hires aggressively.


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